ASG Security acquires LV Systems of Oklahoma City, OK

Electronic Installations acquired by ASG SecurityLong Grove, IL, December 22, 2011 — ASG Security of Beltsville, MD announced the acquisition of LV Systems of Oklahoma City, OK. ASG CEO, Joe Nuccio, announced that all employees are being offered the opportunity to remain with the company.  ASG will be leasing the existing facilities to serve as their branch office in Oklahoma.

The former owners, Ron Lee and Andy Snyder, will both remain with the company.  In a celebration dinner held 12/15, Ron Lee commented that, “With ASG’s financial and managerial resources, we will be able to take the company to a new level."

Although details of the transaction were not released, LV Systems had its own central station, monitoring over 6,000 accounts.

Handling the transaction for ASG were President and CEO, Joe Nuccio and CFO, Ralph Masino.  Representing Davis Mergers and Acquisitions Group, Inc. was Dorsie Mosher. 

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