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HSM Electronic Protection Services Moves into Ann Arbor with Purchase of AA Alarms. Davis Marketing Group Acts as Broker

Long Grove, IL, June 16, 2006 — Today, HSM concluded a transaction with Bruce Amrine, President of AA Alarms of Ann Arbor, Michigan, for the stock of his business.  AA Alarms has over 1,500 accounts, and the purchase adds considerable presence to the HSM group in Michigan.

Bruce Amrine is retiring from the business. The rest of the staff are remaining with the company and will have the opportunity to work with the customer base in Ann Arbor and assist in the growth of HSM in the area. 

Ron Davis , Managing Partner of Davis Marketing Group, negotiated the transaction, representing AA Alarms.  In commenting on the transaction, Davis had this to say: “When everybody walks away from the negotiating table, signs a deal and is totally pleased with the transaction, then you know that the “broker” did his job!  In this case, the professionalism of the HSM management team and AA President, Bruce Amrine's ability to gather all of the information needed, made this transaction relatively easy.  I am proud that Bruce asked us to represent him in this, our 10th transaction so far this year.”


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