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Hollingshead and Reitman Become "Graybeards"

Long Grove, IL. June 20, 2003. Dennis Hollingshead, former General Manager of Chubb (Canada) and President and CEO of Counterforce, and Mitch Reitman, CPA and industry consultant, both became affiliated with Davis Marketing Group’s Graybeards R Us Program. Reitman and Hollingshead have long histories with DMG, and were delighted with the opportunity to share their ideas and background with industry leading alarm dealers.

Reitman, whose focus is in the financial arena, is one of the very few CPA’s to actively help alarm dealers prepare effective and financially secure exit strategies. A large part of his business today is in providing due diligence services both for potential buyers as well as sellers who want to have an in depth look at their company from a financial perspective.

Hollingshead, an industry icon based in Toronto, Canada, has spent a lifetime of managing large companies in the industry. Now semi-retired, Hollingshead is looking forward to sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with alarm dealers who need both the depth of knowledge as well as the level of experience that Hollingshead brings to the learning experience.

Both Hollingshead and Reitman participated in the latest GraybeardsRUs Symposium held in conjunction with the Central Station Alarm Association Mid Year Convention.


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